Why you should choose INS for your support needs.

Why Choose INS?

From Fortune 500 companies to family-owned small businesses, Innovative Network Solutions has been satisfying needs for IT support and managed services for more than 20 years. We save our clients time and money with technological solutions our competitors don’t think of, and enjoy some of the best customer satisfaction in the business. We firmly believe that our success is explained by our motto, "It’s about people, not machines."

See, we here at INS understand that the real goal and benefit of IT is not in the technological systems themselves, but in what these systems accomplish: improved communication and quality of life, for both the business team and their customers. The reason we go the extra mile in providing quality services, the motivation for our fixed rate pricing, and our drive to stay ahead of the cutting edge in IT – it’s all the same; it’s because we realize that what we do improves the lives of real people.

Every member of the INS team went through an intensely rigorous hiring process. We don’t just want the best of the best in terms of knowledge and experience. We want people with down to earth attitudes, who care about what our work achieves. INS technicians are never some short-term, contracted stranger, nor are they impersonal computer-snobs. We are real people, happy to help real people. The success of your business is the success of ours.

Real American Talent

In a time when so many IT companies out-source their support, turn to automated systems, or employ single-job strangers, INS employs only local, permanent talent, all right here in the U.S. You will never have to worry about whether or not you can understand your IT support, or whether or not the technicians behind your managed services actually care about their work beyond the job of the day.

24/7 Help Desk Support

When things go wrong, accidents happen, or emergencies arise, you need to get in touch with your IT support immediately – not 45 minutes after pressing an endless series of numbers while listening to a robot on the other end of the line. INS provides support from real people, 24/7. When you need us, we are always there.

Fixed Price Solutions

Have you heard horror stories about outrageous or unexpected bills for IT support and managed services? Yeah, us too. That’s why we decided to make life easier for you with our commitment to clear, simple, competitive pricing, all for firm, fixed fees. That includes a fixed monthly fee for ongoing support – including unlimited on site hours (yes, you read that right).

Services You’ve Searched For

INS is your all-in-one IT support and managed services provider, and that includes hard to find offerings such as professional, in-house SEO specialists, specialized Ruckus Wireless networking solutions, and even basic electrical work wherever it would impact your IT systems. Our team offers everything you need in one place, all with 24/7 support, and all at one fixed price. No more searching. No more hassles.