INS develops winning online presences.

Web Design & Development

INS employs some of the best talent in the fields of web design and web services. Our richly experienced professionals have the highly developed skills in web development and programming that you need to make your company’s online presence stand out among competitors. In today’s market, having a website that shines grows more important by the day. It simply isn’t enough to use a generic-looking template and throw your text onto the page. Innovative features and techniques, from customized widgets to sophisticated tools and inventive apps written just for your business, help companies get noticed and gain new business.

Take a look at some of the websites that INS has designed:

Some of Our Specialties

Custom Web Designs

Our designers, all local talent, provide a completely custom design that is unique to the needs and identity of your company. All of our web designs are W3C compliant, which is the web standard for clean and universally supported code. No matter what browser your customers or visitors use, and no matter what device they are on, our responsive designs ensure optimized compatibility. When you use INS web services, you get the individual attention and unique approach your business needs to stick out in the crowd.

SEO Services

At INS, we know that it’s not enough for your website to please the eye; it also has to please every search engine. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the single most important aspect of a professional website. A company could have the best website design in the world and it would be useless if it didn’t turn up high in search results. You need to show up in the searches people are actually performing, and you need to have the right keywords, word counts, content placements, and more in order to maximize the chances that someone will click on your link when they find it. SEO is a highly specialized and field of analytics utilizing sophisticated tracking and data analysis software. INS has in-house SEO experts that do this work for you, continually directing internet traffic toward your business.

Flat Rate Maintenance

Sick of large, often unpredictable costs in the web development process? At INS, we believe in clear, fixed prices and flat rate maintenance. No surprises. No hidden fees. Many web design companies will charge a large upfront fee for web design, and then charge a large hourly rate for any updates to the site. At INS, we know that search engines prefer websites that are updated regularly with fresh content. We encourage people to make updates to their content on a regular basis by offering a flat rate maintenance service. We charge a smaller upfront fee and a simple, clear, monthly maintenance fee that allows for unlimited updates by our customers. All with 24/7 support included.

Innovative Solutions

Our highly experienced web development professionals have the advanced programming skills and resourceful ingenuity necessary to engineer useful solutions and services that are tailored to the needs and particular interests of your business and your customers. Whether you need tracking tools with live updates or clever widgets that improve content accessibility, we can build any web app from the ground up, just for you. INS is your one stop shop for all of the web services you need. Contact us today so you can find out how our innovative solutions can help you grow!