Managed IT Services

All of your technology handled by one provider for one flat rate.

Instead of piecing together an IT team full of IT professionals with subject matter expertise, Innovative Network Solutions is able to provide a variety of IT Services which make up our Managed IT Services because we already have a team of IT professionals in place. Whether you have no IT support, or need to add to your current IT team, we can create a custom plan that will give you the IT services you need. Managed IT Services allow you to free up your time to handle business while your IT Managed Service Provider handles all the technical details. Here are some scenarios where Managed IT Services can help you!

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IT Support

You aren't happy with your current provider/team/contracted technician, and you're looking for a change.

There are 3 things you should expect from your IT Support

  1. Efficient
  2. Responsive
  3. Independent

If you feel your technology isn't being handled based on this criteria, INS Managed IT Services can help. Our IT Support is proactive to prevent issues before they happen. Not only do we provide proactive IT maintenance, and break-fix IT services, we will handle any warranty work, working with 3rd party vendors to resolve issues, etc. Our support typically covers anything smarter than a microwave. From keyless entry, VoIP systems, alarm systems and beyond, we will provide IT support for all of your technology. We can also supplement your current IT team to provide backup or additional support.

Inventory Management

It's been a while since you've updated equipment, PC's have been crashing, and your server is over 5 years old.

Keeping track of when pieces of your infrastructure are purchased, when their warranties expire and making a plan to work within budget for replacements can help save you from spending a large amount of money all at once. As part of our Managed IT Services, INS can handle your inventory management by documenting your systems, and making replacement recommendations so you can budget accordingly. Inventory management isn't only for equipment; we also watch for obsolete software that will need upgrading as well. Not only will we perform the inventory management, but we can also help purchased and install new components/software as well.

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IT Project Management

You're facing a large IT Project, but aren't sure where to start.

The INS Senior Team is trained to plan and execute IT Projects efficiently and strategically. From the planning phase, to component purchasing, to implementation, training and support, INS can handle your IT Project Management needs for a flat rate. Clients already receiving our Managed IT Services will not pay any extra fees when it comes to project management. INS can also provide one-off IT Project Management services for non-clients.

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Telecommunication Management

Your internet has gone down, you're already frustrated and the last thing you want to do is be on the phone with the Internet Service Provider (ISP).

As part of our Managed IT Services, INS handles telecommunication management which means we will contact phone service providers, internet, cable, etc. We also preform yearly Telecommunication Reviews. Within the Telecommunication Review, we take a look at all of your provider bills, and see where we can consolidate or save your money.

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Partnering With Us

When you partner with us, your monthly maintenance plan includes all of the Managed IT Services mentioned and more. If there is an IT Service you need, but we haven't touched on, we encourage you to talk to us. Our goal is for you to feel comfortable relying on us to provide the best Managed IT Service with top notch customer service being the number 1 priority.

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