What are Fixed Price IT Services?

Fixed price IT services means never being surprised by an hourly bill, or watching an in-house technician work 20 hours, just to be paid for 40. It also means one price for a vast array of IT services. Fixed price IT services allows you to be flexible with the IT support you receive, but maintain the quality as if you had an in-house IT staff. It can prove to be a cost effective IT solution for businesses of all sizes.

IT Solutions – The Dilemma.

This creates a dilemma when it comes to your IT services: do you hire an in-house IT pro or do you pay for emergency IT service? Have you ever considered fixed price IT services? What is the best IT solution?

The Innovative Network Fixed Price IT Services Solution

INS solves the IT Solutions dilemma by offering an affordable, 24/7 fixed price maintenance program at a firm fixed price. Our goal is to provide top quality IT service at a reasonable rate, and our program has done just that for over 500 clients. The monthly fee varies according to the size and

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IT Maintenance Price Comparison

At Innovative Network Solutions, Inc., we offer a 24/7 fixed price maintenance program that is affordable and solves that dilemma. Please view the example below.

IT Maintenance Price Comparison. In-House: Salary of $40,000, benefits of $8,000. Total of $48,000. INS Services: Monthly Fee of $1,400 multiplied by 12 months. Total of $16,800. Subtract $16,800 from $48,000 to get a total of $31,200 in Savings.

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