Server Backup

If one of your employees accidently opens a corrupt file that locks out your entire network, can you recover? This is where data backup comes into play. There are plenty of data backup services available, but which one is the best? INS is no stranger to helping our clients decide the best server backup solution for their businesses. If you can’t risk losing critical data, then server backup is a critical component to your IT infrastructure.

Backup Solutions

With the right server backup solution in place, you can be up and running within hours. Whether you need an on-site data backup or offsite server backup with Virtual Machine Replication, we have a backup solution plan that’s right for you:

* Complete consultation and recommendations
* Purchase of any software/hardware
* Complete project management by senior level team
* Implementation of selected solution
* Monitoring
* Restoration efforts
* Month-to-Month payment plans

Backup services for a flat rate monthly payment.
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