Wanted: ridiculously amazing people.

Careers at INS

Would you like a career that enjoys flexible hours, an easygoing work environment, long-term stability, upward mobility, full benefits, and competitive pay with unlimited earning potential? Would you like to be a part of a team that puts people first, and focuses on how their work can contribute to a better world?

Of course you would.

Working at Innovative Network Solutions is not for everyone. We are a different kind of IT company. We put people before machines, and that includes the people we work with. Our office is full of team spirit; we care about what we do, and the real human lives impacted by that work. Some people just want a job to get a paycheck. We don't want those people. Some people want to work in IT because they love computers and hate humans. We don't want those people either.

INS wants people who enjoy the customer side of technology. We want people who see our work as a real contribution to society's productivity and communication. We want people who genuinely care. And yes, we want all of this in a person who also happens to be a brilliant talent in his or her particular area of expertise.

Whether you are a designer or a developer, an SEO analyst or a customer service rep, if you're reading this and nodding your head, then maybe Innovative Network Solutions is for you.

We are seeking IT professionals who enjoy interacting with the client, not the computer. Our team works hard, accepts responsibility for excellence, and is rewarded for going the extra mile. We offer excellent technical growth and career advancement opportunities.

Please use the links below to submit resumes for open positions.