Back Up IT Help

Innovative Network Solutions Inc. started out focusing on small and medium sized businesses. As we progressed, we discovered there was also a need for larger companies to have additional back up IT help for several reasons:

  • Large Projects
  • Over Flow Tech Support Help
  • Loss of IT Staff due to:
    • Promotion
    • Vacation
    • Termination
    • Etc.

When you partner with INS for monthly support, you get to utilize our Technicians in ways that make the most sense to benefit your IT department. INS provides back up IT help that lets you call the shots, and isn’t looking to replace your current staff… just complete the team.

Large IT Project Support

From OS migrations, to end of lease equipment turn ins, INS can integrate with your existing staff to help take the burden of large IT projects leaving your IT staff to take care of the desktop support, or vice versa.

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Over Flow Tech Support Help

Is your staff wrapped up in a large IT project unable to get to desktop support? Is your help desk overwhelmed and unable to effectively resolve issues? INS can fill in the gaps in your tech support elevating some of the overflow. Whether you need an INS Tech on-site a few days a week, or five full days, INS can help you analyze your needs and put together a plan that works best for you.

Loss of IT Staff

When an in-house IT staff member quits their job, it can leave a gap in your IT Team for quite some time while you’re hiring for new IT staff. If you have a small IT staff of one to two people, when one goes on vacation, does it leave the remaining staff member scrambling? What happens when an IT member is promoted outside of the IT department? All of these scenarios can be avoided with INS. INS Techs will ALWAYS be there. Sure, our Techs go on vacation as well, but with a staff of 30+ IT professionals, there will always be someone to fill in their place. We also train back up Technicians on-site as well so someone will always be familiar with your system.