Innovative Network Solutions is a certified installer and reseller of the Allworx Phone System.

If your phone system is outdated and needs to be replaced, as an Authorized Allworx Reseller, we will help you select the right Allworx product for your needs and your budget, and will provide unlimited support for just $50 per site.

To learn more about the Allworx line of VoIP solutions, please take a look at the information below.

Expectations Understood. Expectations Exceeded.

Innovative Network Solutions uses Allworx because Allworx brings you the benefit of choice in telephone technology, unlike so many competing VoIP phone systems. INS-installed Allworx systems support both analog and VoIP phones in any combination. This means that you can either build up new technology gradually or adapt it all at once. Whatever you choose for your business needs, Allworx is your open door to a world of effortless communication.

Allworx understands and exceeds customer expectations with systems designed and manufactured using five key attributes: Innovation, Value, Reliability, Customer Focus, and Quality. This fivefold focus results in products that meet your needs today and tomorrow, work every day without interruption, last for generations, and provide cost savings on day one. Why does INS use Allworx? Because we have found that Allworx makes it effortless to communicate. Period.

Innovative Network Solutions uses Allworx because Allworx brings you the benefit of choice in telephone technology, unlike so many competing VoIP phone systems.

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The Allworx Advantage

Capabilities You Need.

Allworx is the market leader in IP-based VoIP phone systems, with advantages including presence management, caller ID based routing, unlimited call routes, unlimited devices, unified messaging, and more. Many of the most powerful features – Automatic Call Distribution, Advanced Multi-Site, Call Assistant™, Conference Center, Reach™, Interact™ and TAPI -- are activated easily via software keys, which can be added as needed.

Options For Remote Work.

Even more, INS enjoys the many ways Allworx gives you to connect remote locations or employees together, from remote phones to Reach™ (an Allworx SIP-based mobile phone application). Remote users connect instantly using ordinary broadband connections. No extra hardware, software, or costs are involved. And with SIP trunks, remote phones or Advanced Multi-Site for multiple offices (serving up to 99 other locations), your options are dramatically expanded between site locations.

Easy Transition.

Importantly, calls continue to work like your traditional phone system, so the switch to an Allworx system is transparent. INS has found the Allworx VoIP phone system to be easy to use and administer, and we are consistently impressed with how smooth the learning curve is for new users. We will be by your side throughout this process with our offer of unlimited support. Instead of days or weeks, installation takes just hours or even minutes, and the speedy user adoption minimizes training costs for new employees.

Confidence On Any Budget.

Quality and peace of mind goes hand in hand, and INS is especially impressed with Allworx warranty options, which can be maintained throughout the life of your VoIP phone system. Optional extended hardware warranties and/or software upgrade keys are available for every budget. Software options are priced so they won’t be a burden, and the INS fixed price guarantee ensures that you avoid additional monthly or annual maintenance charges.