We're about people, not machines.

About Innovative Network Solutions (INS)

In 1996, Innovative Network Solutions (INS) launched to fill a glaring gap in the world of IT solutions and network management. IT services were easy to locate, but even to this day there are two major problems in the IT industry: unpredictable or sky-high costs and impersonal or unapproachable technicians. Focusing on the people behind the computers, INS aimed to solve these problems with clear, fixed prices and an emphasis on the lives impacted by IT solutions and technical support. We burst onto the scene with a declaration: It’s about people, not machines.

Why do we only hire experienced technical professionals who also happen to be personable, approachable, and humble? Because it’s about people, not machines.

Why do we stay ahead of the cutting edge in the latest technology and best practices, ensuring we have in-house expertise for our client’s every IT need? Because it’s about people, not machines.

Why do we offer our computer services at clear, fixed prices, with no surprises or hassles? Because it’s about people, not machines.

Why do we maintain a 24/7 help desk with real people, not an automated response systems? Because it’s about people, not machines.

INS is a people company. We firmly believe that our work for any client contributes to the health and wellbeing of both the business and the customers of that business. We are proud to have contributed to the success of hundreds of businesses, from single, home office sites to Fortune 500 organizations. Our dynamic customer base includes: insurance, health-care, finance, education, human services, automotive, construction, legal, and real estate.

Our team enjoys working closely with our clients on wide variety of IT services, from network security and network management to tech support and computer services. Experienced planning and professional analytics go into all of our projects. Our computer support specialists are second to none. We are proud to supply any managed IT service, in some cases offering in-house skilled professionals that are very difficult to locate and very expensive to acquire. Our number one priority is determining the best solutions to meet the unique needs of each individual client.

Uniquely situated at the intersection of technology's important growth trends, and dedicated to the people behind the machines, INS builds solutions that work today, but are flexible enough to meet tomorrow's requirements. Our guarantee is that in everything we do, we put the real goal of managed IT services – the wellbeing of both workplace employees and the customers that drive their success – at the forefront of our minds.