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Fixed Price Maintenance

Fixed price maintenance when it comes to IT Support Services means never being surprised by an hourly bill, or watching an in-house technician work 20 hours, just to be paid for 40. It also means one price for a vast array of IT Solutions.

IT Solutions – The Dilemma.

For most businesses, hiring an in-house IT professional is not only too expensive, but also unnecessary. Many office networks run effectively and do not experience enough problems to have a technician on staff full-time. However, when there is a problem, IT companies will charge hundreds of dollars per hour to address problems on-site (which can result in a large unexpected bill). This creates a dilemma when it comes to your IT Solutions: do you hire an in-house IT pro or do you pay for service only in emergency situations? Or you can consider an IT fixed price maintenance program?

The Innovative Network Fixed Price Maintenance Solution.

INS solves the IT Solutions dilemma by offering an affordable, 24/7 fixed price maintenance program at a firm fixed price. Our goal is to provide top quality IT service at a reasonable rate, and our program has done just that for over 500 clients. The monthly fee varies according to the size and complexity of the office network, but the IT support included for the price is unmatched.

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One Price. Endless Service.

Our fixed price maintenance program includes:

  • Complete Technology Coverage
    • Computers
    • Servers
    • Websites
    • Firewalls and Security
    • Email and Networks
  • 24/7 Support by Phone – and, if necessary, ONSITE
  • 1 Hour Onsite Emergency Support Response Time – Guaranteed
  • IT Budgeting Consultations
  • Cost Reduction Analysis
  • Personalized Training
  • Onsite PC Repair and Support
  • Proactive Monitoring of Server, Internet, Firewall, and Backups
  • Weekly Onsite Proactive Support
  • Online Incident Tracking for Maintenance Clients
  • Warranty Support
  • Any and all involved labor, including installation
  • Reduced Prices on Equipment Needs
  • INS Dell Premier Provider benefits and savings of 20% or more

IT Maintenance Price Comparison

At Innovative Network Solutions, Inc., we offer a 24/7 fixed price maintenance program that is affordable and solves that dilemma. Please view the example below.

In-House Technician

Salary $40,000
Benefits (Roughly 20% of Salary $8,000
Total $48,000

Innovative Network Solutions

Monthly Cost of 24/7 Fixed Price Maintenance Program $1,400
1 year x12
Total $16,800