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A Hassle Free Dell Experience

Innovative Network Solutions is proud to supply Dell computers and components as a Dell PartnerDirect Premier Provider. Let us handle all of your hardware needs, and help you avoid warranty and support hassles. As a Dell Premier Provider, any Dell computer acquired through us will enjoy immediate access to support from our own, native-English employees, and fast-tracked results that keep you in business.

In December of 2007, INS partnered with PC Tools on the Dr. Phil Holiday Show and treated everyone in the audience to a new Dell computer. Why was INS called in for PC Tools’ feature on a national TV show? Because our track record for the provision and maintenance of all Dell products sets us apart from other companies. Our special partnership and bulk ordering with Dell allows for discounted prices and VIP treatment for all of our clients.

All phases of your IT asset’s lifecycles can be managed more efficiently be means of the direct link between INS and Dell. Your initial purchase will include advice on standard product solutions (including inside knowledge of product roadmaps). INS provides the details you need to choose the right products and services. Our pricing is better, and our orders are more accurate, with shorter order cycles and fewer errors.

Once you order through us, you will enjoy faster shipping and product delivery, as well as full purchase reporting. While Dell makes quality products, many buyers encounter problems in areas of technical support and warranty assistance. INS removes these roadblocks; let us handle these obstacles for you, freeing up your time and making your company run more efficiently!

Our PartnerDirect Premiere relationship with Dell allows for customized access, online order confirmations, ERP integrations, central management of assets, interactive troubleshooting, secure, 24/7 accessibility, in-depth reporting capabilities, and award-winning online technical support. By ordering your Dell products through INS, you gain easy control of system, software, and peripheral standards that minimize deployment, training, and support costs.

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