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What does PBX stand for?

The abbreviation PBX is used often when describing business phone systems, but what does PBX stand for? PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange. A PBX system is a secure phone network used within an organization. IP PBX is really the only way to go at this point. With technology seemingly changing faster than time the PBX systems are now outdated and replaced by the IP PBX systems. The main difference between the PBX and the IP PBX is that the IP PBX runs on an internet connection. With the phone system running on internet connection it allows you to have an infinite number of phones and phone lines coming in and out of the office. IP PBX also offers you great functions that otherwise would be a hassle to set up and use. Voicemail, queues, and other options should come standard and now they do with the IP PBX. IP PBX is a system that will make your office run much smoother. Communication can make or break an organization. An IP PBX takes all the worry out of your office communication.

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