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What are Managed IT Services?

You’ve probably heard of tech support, IT support, or help desk support, but a term you may not be familiar with is Managed IT services. In its simplest form, you can think of an IT Managed Service Provider (IT MSP) as your business IT support and technology consultant.  Services covered vary with each technology MSP.

Why choose Managed IT services?

How do you make repairs to your current network, computer, or web site? Do you call a contracted computer support tech, who is paid hourly and seems to take as much time as possible to make any progress? Do you have an in house IT support person? What happens if the IT person quits?  Do you have the need for an in house IT person, but do not have the budget? Do you let things go until they are unbearable?  Running into these situations is why Managed IT services are beneficial.

  1. Proactive– a good managed IT service provider will be proactive about your system maintenance. No more waiting until your computers are completely frozen to call for help! At INS, we perform weekly on-site maintenance to proactively detect and resolve any issues before they become major problems. This will save money!  We also support larger clients who reserve our technicians for a daily basis to provide immediate support or provide high level expertise to in house support teams
  2. Cost Effective– Paying a flat rate for monthly support, gives you peace of mind that our technicians are truly working to resolve your issues, and not just working the clock. If you’re a small or medium sized business, your budget may not be able to accommodate an in-house IT person costing over $40k per year. IT MSP’s (depending on service bundle) are typically under $20k a year! Some of our larger clients have reserved our technicians on a daily basis because they recognized the cost savings of our services vs hiring in-house. At INS, we also help our clients save money on internet/phone service, phone systems, and technology equipment.
  3. Always There! – If you’ve ever had an IT support person quit, or just seem to not be there when you need them, you understand how important it is to have tech support that is always there! Managed IT Service providers have teams of technicians, so even if your typical technician isn’t available, someone else will be able to assist you. We can’t speak for other IT MSP’s but, at INS our help desk team is located right in our Farmington, MI office, and after hours’ calls go to management staff. Because our team of technical experts is local and understands your business, we are also able to offer 1 hour on-site service for any critical issues that arise with same day resolution 100% of the time.

Managed IT Services can help your business technology systems, as well as your budget.  At INS, our initial consultation is always free, along with a comprehensive analysis of your current systems.   You’ll be surprised just how affordable excellent IT support through an IT MSP can be. INS offers a wide variety of IT Services that can be customized to fit any budget. To learn more, visit our IT services page. If you have any questions about Managed IT services, please contact Julia: 248-990-7856