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The Toshiba Telecom Division closure went into effect as of March 21, 2017. What does this mean for existing Toshiba clients? If you need Toshiba system support, how expeditiously would you receive that support? Would replacement components for the Toshiba phones still be available? Many questions surround the closure, but at the core of the issue, the fact still remains that the division will cease to exist. Toshiba has given dealers until May 22, 2017 to place any additional orders, so with that being said, it seems replacement components will no longer be available as well.

It seems for their current client base, there are really only two options; risk it, or take preventative measures. You could risk it by staying on the Toshiba system, and hoping you won’t need any replacement components. You could be a savvy business owner and take preventative measures by finding a new provider/system before anything happens. While it’s easy to say, “Everything is fine, we don’t need to switch right now”, you may end up saying, “I wish I would have considered another option” when things go awry.

Don’t wait until your system is down to find a new alternative. With so many options available, it can become a time consuming task deciding the best phone system for your business. At INS we specialize in helping businesses not only purchase, install, learn and support new phone systems, but save money while doing so. By allowing us to performing us in depth phone analysis, some of our clients have received a completely new business phone system for FREE! Monthly phone support options are available which always include 24/7 local help desk support. Have peace of mind knowing you will have a local team supporting your business phone system. Schedule a no obligation consultation today by calling 855-694-6743.