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Ready to upgrade your current Voice over IP system (VoIP)? Do you currently have analog phones and are thinking about switching to VoIP? You should consider investing in an Allworx phone system.

What sets Allworx apart from the others?

  • The ability to have analog and VoIP on the same system
  • Unlimited call routes and devices
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Remote connection between employees through a broadband connection
  • Features like, Automatic call distribution, Call Assistant™, and Conference Center

INS is a certified installer, retailer and maintenance provider for Allworx. What this means is we will be with you every step of the way. From purchasing your phones, and configuring your set up, to installing your system and transferring your phone numbers, to troubleshooting and performing any necessary maintenance.

In certain cases, you can have a brand new phone system installed for free! If you are paying over $500 a month for your phone bill, you are paying too much. At INS we provide a free phone system analysis that can help save you hundreds per month.

If you’re ready to upgrade and save money on your phone bill at the same time, then contact us for further details.

Call us: 248-536-5400

Email us: sales@inetworksolutions.net

Visit our website: www.inetworksolutions.net