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Are you tired of looking at that antique phone on your desk, and wishing that there was a better way to communicate with your co-workers and staff?  Would you love to replace your phone system, but you can’t spend the money on that right now? If so, there are options! There are alternate cutting edge phone systems that can allow you to upgrade to take advantage of the latest technology AND save money! I know what you’re thinking - this sounds too good to be true! INS can set up a phone system that not only saves you money, but also can be installed seamlessly to your business. Read on to find out more about this exciting deal!

For a limited time, our consulting team is offering a no cost, no obligation review of your current phone system and monthly costs for local and long distance. Our telecommunications review will evaluate your current costs for accuracy and current pricing. Often, we find enough savings to cover the new technology and even reduce overall cost. Your current telecommunications system could be costing a lot more money than you would expect - the cost could be equal to the installation of a whole new phone system. Now that is crazy. I mean, how could you turn this deal down?

To get started, contact INS to schedule the telecommunications review, which will allow us to analyze what savings are available. (By the way, in 75% of our reviews, we’re able to find enough savings to cover the cost of a new phone system, and still reduce your monthly telephone bills.)

INS makes a conversion to a new phone system easy.  We manage the set-up from start to finish, working with your phone and internet service providers, documenting your current phone system setup, installing the phone system, and even training your staff to work with the new technology. It is our goal to make the transition to the new phone system as seamless as possible, both in productivity and cost!

Call INS today to receive this great deal! It just takes one phone call to see how much money you can save, and still get that new technology.

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